Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is highly nutritious, full of antioxidants and micro-nutrients. One piece of dried fruit contains approximately the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruit, but condensed. Dried fruits make for an easy snack throughout the day. Our dried fruits range uses minimal sugar and follows a stringent research and lab tests protocol. We source 

Freeze Dried Fruit

Petite Fruits Confections started with a love for healthy snacking. It is a range of freeze dried fruit under ASMC Agrotech. We are excited to be bringing you new varieties of healthy snacks. We select from the best orchards, with a strict quality control over our production. At present, our freeze-dried range is also Halal 

Honey Gooseberry

The Indian gooseberry, also known as Amla is one of the most antioxidant rich foods in the world. Amla ripens in the autumn in wet, forested, hilly areas on the Indian subcontinent. In India it is considered a sacred tree. Both dried and fresh fruits can be consumed for their health benefits. It is said 

Sundried Banana

Ripened bananas are dehydrated in a climate controlled chamber. These are dipped in honey and all natural.Loaded with essential vitamins, these are popular in children’s lunch boxes as a healthy, delicious, instant energy booster. NO GMO, GLUTEN FREE, NO PRESERVATIVES, ALL NATURAL. Shelf Life: 3 – 6 months from manufacture date Carton size: 10 per